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We're updating our blog

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Change is inevitable. As one person put it, "Change is the only thing that remains constant". So why do we feel it is necessary to change?

We are making changes to the way we function at the Cffb. What do we mean? We want to remain relevant and become even more interactive.

Recently we had to look at our model of operating and during this process, we realized that we were missing the boat. Like all new things, when we first began, we gained traction fast. We did things that organizations who were in existence long before us had not yet accomplished. Though dealing with a grave situation on the behalf of those who suffer with Cystic Fibrosis [CF] we were accountable and the checks and balances ensured that we were compliant for the most part.

We need to intensify our efforts, and have recognized that. We will be doing more, and encourage you to not only read the upcoming information, but actively share it with others.

We are:

Cffb - Aware to Care

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