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The CFFB is the only organization of its type in Barbados with only three known cases of the disease recorded. The Foundation was established with the institutional knowledge, which is a strength, as the founders are the parents of Joshah Turton, who is diagnosed with CF. 


However, the view of the economic environment and the fact that this disease is relatively unknown to most persons, CF is faced with the lack of sponsorship. This will suggest a difficulty generate awareness among other known non-communicable diseases. Consequently, fundraising efforts may prove challenging as the Foundation enters the public domain. In addition, getting persons to volunteer and establishing committees to function effectively can also be a challenge. There are no medical practitioners who specialize in CF within Barbados, which is noted as a weakness in our island's medical capabilities from the area of provision.


Given that there have been additional cases made kown to us locally including people who travel to Barbados on holiday, the opportunity for doctors to specialize in the field. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies can inject funds towards research in this area. 



About CF

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