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At The Cffb we want to do things right and there are lots of areas within which you can offer support. Under broad headings they are:

  • Research and development

    • Where funding can be sought to assist e.g. grants, donors, potential sponsors

      • Fundraising ideas that are novel and effective

    • Best practices within the foundations globally

    • Lobbying opportunities to realize cost reductions in medication, medical care, airfare, property acquisition including computers and other office equipment

    • Maintain and update the online library so that all members can have access

    • Scour the news for information that may offer the foundation advantage in its fight against CF

    • How the foundation can benefit from the air miles program

    • Interlinks with the major markets with CF is present - USA, Canada, and UK

    • Accommodations for housing that are affordable when overseas travel is required by CF families

    • Finding insurance companies and benefit packages that would assist CF sufferers e.g. programs that aid those with preexisting conditions

  • Fund raising

    • Developing of budgets

    • Preparation of reports so financial performance may be gauged [managerial accounting] when actual financial statements [financial accounting] are prepared

    • Active solicitation of funds for the foundation to function and do its work

      • This will include meetings etc.

    • Preparation and follow up of documentation for fundraising initiatives

    • Responsible for inventories if items that we own, are lent to us for use, or we lent to others for their use

  • IT development and media management

    • Website management including content delivery, Even though the website is up, it is still being revamped by another group as we need to have a more dynamic online presence

    • Social media management and updates - Buffer, Twitter, Facebook, and Google + are the current ones that we use

    • Enable The Cffb to maintain an active presence on the internet complete with upcoming events and promotions, recently held events and promotions, news, activities that we’re involved with in the communities

    • Seeking opportunities for positive exposure within the traditional media at low to no costs

    • Management of the database of members and volunteers while keeping the information confidential

    • Management of the database of sponsors and donors and sharing information as needed within the organization


Over the years, we have developed into an organization that focuses on the following to assist those affected by CF.

  • We have established linkages with CFF New York which is the hub for CF organizations in the USA

  • We have had our first fundraiser walk this year in July and intent to do so annually going forward

  • We were hoping to have our first gala dinner this year as well, but the time required for planning is great and the time frame for execution was too short and undermanned. We need your help now that it’s been rescheduled to February next year and this is also intended to be on an annual basis going forward and serve as our flagship of fundraising efforts.  [reinforce the need to raise the level of funds that we do require].

  • We still need to continue lobbying government for opportunities and incentives. We have secured our duty free status and are seeking medical assistance. [Michael to fill in additional information on Novartis, etc.]

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