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Enhancing contact points for volunteers and fundraising

Updated: Sep 9, 2021


We have had difficult times before with getting volunteers and fundraising, though it was challenging it was still doable. However, since COVID-19; not only were we ground to a halt, but we seriously have to rethink our approaches of public interaction as a charity.

With our approach of building awareness within Barbados and the Caribbean about Cystic Fibrosis [CF], we got caught up with one activity after another. It was almost that we were so busy with the activities of increasing our volunteers and raising funds; we now have been stopped where we have to examine our effectiveness.

Though we are not the only charity that may be going through this situation, we cannot rest on our laurels and say how it's impacting everyone; especially when the lives of those affected here not only have no access locally to medical care nor medication. Now, access to the metropolitan countries where care was formerly available has not been cut short as the airport closed and global curfews and civil challenges emerged.

It reinforces more than ever why we need to get locally trained medical teams that can treat people with CF. This is even more so since their condition puts them at even higher risk of being a fatality since it affects the lungs and respiratory areas where they are most vulnerable.

Banking for most has become increasingly challenging. Unless you have a certain level of competence doing online/remote banking or even PayPal these methods have choked our ability to raise funds, even accepting cheques proves to be challenging, though we're up for it.

Though our overseas donors have used PayPal in the past, it's our local donors that help us to right the waves of expenses associated with CF more consistently. We want to thank all of our past supporters once again at this time.

Can we get your thoughts on how you would view being able to provide support using mMoney for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Barbados that has our branding representing us? We would love your feedback. The medical expenses and costs of medicines are still quite high.

Volunteer a thought today, it can save a life. As always, we are Aware to Care.

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