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Cffb New Executive Team 2019

Saturday March 2, 2019 was historic for us at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Barbados. How so? We were able to move up another notch in our compliance by having our first Annual General Meeting since we started as a charity. The commitment to do things right has always been paramount for the Cffb.

Here are some photos with highlights of the AGM:

  • The President providing his report

  • The Treasurer sharing her report

  • The first among the group photos of the new executive

  • The Cffb

The meeting went well with the constitution available for reference so that volunteers who desired to contribute at board level would know what they were getting into. This served to provide clarity for the groups members including those who do not wish to have an office, but tirelessly give of their commitment and dedication to the organization and its cause.

Fully aware that what was required to get them started would require changes to go forward in meeting and serving its cause of building awareness of Cystic Fibrosis. The new committee was formed on the heels of weeks of training which the teams embarked upon towards the end of the year and early within this year. Armed with a new model and revised strategies, we wish the new executive every success in the year ahead.

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