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A new environment of volunteerism

As you have experienced, the changes taking place globally have had significant impacts on everyone. These were unprecedented, certainly in the lifetimes of all of us who live today. We have been placed in a position where even more careful consideration needs to be contemplated as we help those families impacted by Cystic Fibrosis to cope.

CF is a life-threatening illness that makes the survival of a sufferer that much more difficult than the average person. Now with COVID-19, many are experiencing the kinds of precautions and considerations that a CF sufferer must contemplate daily and more so now.

We have recognised that our main ways of raising funds in the past are adversely impacted and we must apply creativity and ingenuity to come up with new methods of interacting with volunteers, sponsors, and donors that would maintain the safety of everyone. We, therefore, have to enhance our systems of operations so that there is every effort taken to contain the spread of COVID-19 and any other illness that can crop up.

More than ever, we would need to marry our technology with our human resources. We recognise that coming together for meetings will not aid our efforts in providing for those with CF nor will it help calm the minds of volunteers that we're operating with a higher level of safety in mind.

In short form, we must be open to ideas. Drawing on best practices that are sure to emerge globally as others also deal with similar situations.

We have to introduce new ways of doing lots of things we did formerly. We must call on every resource we have ever had available to us in the past and work alongside them to develop new and exciting programs that would enable and entice the public to interact with us safely.

Thank you for your support over the years. We encourage you to share any ideas with us for evaluation and application. Have a tremendous weekend. Let us remain, Aware to Care.

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