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Christmas in November - Gift Basket Drive

Annually, we are stretched for ways to raise funds without contributing to burning out our sponsors with our constant requests. We want to contribute to enhancing the lives of others bringing value to them as they seek to aid us in achieving our objectives of helping those who have Cystic Fibrosis.

In our environment which is challenging people of all walks, we need to make a difference.

During the year, CF affected families were impacted by increased medical care costs for their children. Of course, we realized that we can't keep doing the same types of events that have become somewhat "worn", not only to us but by other charitable groups as well. As we prepare for 2019, we have recognized the need to enhance our group of volunteers, programs, and events.

We present: Christmas in November geared at appreciating people who are often not acknowledged for their deeds and acts of kindness during the year. While we do need to raise funds, we thought it would be great to have an initiative that creates excitement among those who give.

Gift basket themes are:

Spa, Kitchen, Gardening, Ladies, Gents, and Kids Themes.

For every donation of $100 you would receive one (1) of our special gift baskets.

It gets better:

If you really donate to realize three (3) or more baskets, you will be automatically be entered to our grand prize drawer which includes:

  • Manicure at Eforea Spa, BBQ Dinner and show at Accra Beach & Spa, and Natural Juice and Sauce.

This would not be possible without our sponsors. They are always instrumental in all that we do and we wish to give them heartfelt thanks.

Our sponsors are:

Capital Media, Mr and Mrs Boos, Ansa McAL, Caribbean ARI, Hilton Barbados, Accra Beach and Spa, Treasures of Barbados, Carters General Store, Hallmark Cards, Deanna Dash, Mount Gay Rum, WIBISCO, Massy Distribution, DO IT BEST, Woolworth, Good Time Snacks, Armstrong Agencies, Gift and Things, Inyouvations: Bath and Body Works in Sheraton, Cave Shepherd, Popular Discounts.

Our secretary, Mrs. Cherrene Turton is always available for taking your calls and correspondence. She can be reached at 246.235-6490. Email can be sent into

We will have our fliers on our social media. See links on this website.

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