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Pressing on through the challenges

Daily, we all face challenges of one kind or another. Some of them seem larger that we can adequately cope with. Others try to make us feel as if we're all alone with what we're facing coming in from all sides trying to crush the very life from us.

Sometimes our needs may be financial, where we experience the pressures of daily living. Another time it may be a relationship that we're navigating whether it be personal/professional.

It is said, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Have you ever come through a difficult time and then realized that what you thought was insurmountable is really insignificant?

The victory of achievement is powerful. It uplifts our attitude. Resets our focus, and enables us to take the focus of ourselves and really reach out to help others. This is how someone with CF manages on a daily basis. This is why we are thankful for volunteers. This is why we became a foundation to build awareness and hope.

We are the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Barbados, and we are Aware to Care!

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