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It can be daunting - a new CF discovery

Photo from when we were just beginning in Barbados

Organizations like ours set up to assist people with a condition like Cystic Fibrosis must come to grips that they are certain things that are just difficult with which to cope. Even though we are set to handle people that have to cope with the challenges of CF, the news of a someone else with the illness is something that one never gets used to; especially when it is a child.

Just this week, May 2017, a new case was drawn to our attention. A young girl and her family grappling with a new diagnosis, and having to come to terms with how their lives will be forever changed.

Fortunately, our teams are experienced and competent to help the new families make the necessary adjustments necessary to better cope. The new information, the amount of information, the new financial commitments, the size of the commitments; these and the family support mechanisms that have to go in place are necessary to help everyone function better.

The foundation kicks in my helping with making contacts with overseas medical teams and institutions, provision of credible information to the family, and assisting them with funding to assist in offsetting the staggering costs associated with CF treatments, associated equipment (E.g. the vest) and medications.

We are in the final stages of planning our annual walk, but with this information coming to light, there is a need for an extra push to raise even more funds. We're hoping that everyone individuals, companies, and other non profits would assist us in realizing these fundraising goals. We give heartfelt thanks for all your continued support.

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